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Corsair LL120 Fans loud in Balanced Profile


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I'm surprised that my LL120 fans are stuck in 1770-1800rpm in Balanced Mode in idle. CPU temps are 38-42 celsius in idle and the fans just keep spinning and it's really loud at this rpm.


These 3 fans are connected to the connectors from H150i Pro RGB and lightning node pro.


I went into bios and changed every fan settings to PWM because I also have LL140 x 3 for intake and exhaust.


Is this supposed to be normal to be constantly at this rpm even in idle mode?


If I choose quiet profile then the rpm goes down to 800-900rpm and stays there. However, I do hear them ramping up here and there during gaming.


Any tips and help will be greatly appreciated.




i7 8700K @4.9Ghz

ASUS Maximus X Code

H150i Pro RGB

16GB DDR4 @3200mhZ

ASUS Strix GTX1080Ti OC Edition

Corsair LL120 Triple Pack on the radiator.

Corsair LL140 Dual Pack on the intake.

Corsair LL140 Single Fan on the exhaust.

Hyper X Savage 480GB SSD

Samsung EVO 960 M.2 NVMe 250GB

EVGA Supernova G2 750W Gold+ Full modular PSU

Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Case

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On the H150i, make sure the fans are linked to H150i Temp (coolant temperature) in Link/iCUE. That should stop those. The chassis fans are a little more complex and finding a good control variable among the BIOS choices is a mixed bag. CPU temp is no fun. The 8700k is way too dynamic for that. There are fan delays, but those don’t always perform as expected on ASUS boards. I did not spend too much time hooked into the motherboard, but I did have overly racy fans either. Make sure you make your own curve. All of the default ones in the bios are not ideal.
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I couldn't remember what control variable I was using when I first got the Code and had to go in and look. I bought a $7 10K thermistor and rand the case fans from it, tucked behind my GPU radiator. That made a nice curve with a decent amount of change to make the transitions smooth. You may not have a GPU radiator, but you can also do the same thing with rear exhaust temp or put in on the exhaust side of the H150i. That will approximate coolant temp and also give you a good smooth variable that you can match to the H150i fan speeds for balance.
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Okay, I can't seem to link the fans to H150i Temp in the iCUE software. Corsair Link also doesn't give anything.


Can you post some SS on where I link the fans to coolant temps?


I recalibrated the fans in the bios but it seems like I have to manually set my own fan curve.

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That is odd, your fans are running at about 300 RPM faster than there listed speed: (600 - 1500 RPM). If your fans are really running at that speed, I am not surprised there is more noise. I don't own an Asus MB, though my Gigabyte has profiles that set all fans to to certain "Fasted speed", "Quite", "Balanced", and etc. That is more quick and dirty. The better way is setting speed based off values like certain temperatures, loads, and etc. Temperature might be better as you don't want your fans to ramp up.


I can't say off hand if your Asus BIOS/UEFI has the ability to interact with your H150i and read the temperature. I know a higher end board that you have has thermocouple headers, though I don't think there is anyway you can connect the thermocouple on your AIO to the header. I am thinking of trying a fan curve based off my coolant temp, though I have a custom loop and have this ability.


There might be a better chance that the Asus's Windows Fan software can read the AIO, instead of the UEFI. Worst case you could always get a Commander Pro.

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