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Corsair RGB Strips / w Commander only half working, also a USB question


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I have an ASUS ROG Maximus Hero VIII


I would like to utilize the USB on the front of my Corsair 750D and use the Corsair Commander Pro.


I had to unplug my front facing USB from the Motherboard so that I could plug the Corsair Commander Pro in. I thought that I would be able to plug my Case USB into one of the open USB ports on the Corsair Commander Pro, but after booting up; my front facing USB is still not working.


The 2 black USB ports do not work, but the 2 blue ports do work.


For what it's worth:



I have the Corsair Commander Pro plugged into SATA directly from the PSU and the USB in #13 slot / USB1112. The cable that was plugged into this port from the case was moved to be plugged into the Corsair Commander USB Header. This is causing the two Blue ports on the front of my 750D to function normally, while the 2 black ports on the front face no longer function.


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