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Anthony Attard

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I have a MSI 645E MAX-U series motherboard (MS-6547) that has three slots for PC2700 RAM.


First slot has a VS512MB333 memory stick


Second slot has a VS512MB400 memory stick (reseller recommended compatibility with my MB)


Third slot has a generic 512BM 333 stick with no brand name (some recommended getting rid of this one)


Gigabyte FX5700 128 RAM video with lastest drivers.

SBLive Value

C Drive = 40Gb

D Drive = 40Gb

E Drive = 80Gb

F Drive = USB 128 USB stick (for college studies)

G Drive = CD/RW


AGP Aperture Size = 128Mb

DRAM CAS Latency = 2.5

Timing Setting Mode = FAST

MA 1T/2T Select = AUTO

Host to Memory Latency = FAST


Power Supply is only 300 watts


I have to put the generic stick in the third slot or the system would not see the extra RAM.


Now I am experiencing PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA with 0x00000050 and 0x0000008E codes.


This usually happens when scanning the registry with Registry Mechanic or Norton WinDoctor and sometime when playing Everquest II. And I am also getting a "Registry Restored" message at log in.


I remove the old generic stick from the system but the error still occurs.


Can some one suggest a possible cause, solution or recommendation to stablise the system?





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The MB you have will only see 2 double sided modules. Since all of our 512 Meg modules are double sided you can only use 2 modules total. Sorry!


I appreciate the help very much as tests have shown the RAM to be good.


The suggestion I have received is to make sure the two 512MB RAM sticks are of the same make - VS512MB333 and not to mix speeds with this motherboard. The other generic no-name brand is good but may have problems with the Value Select because of its age.


Is this possible?





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