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iCue + Commander Pro unable to change fan speed


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Hi All,


I have upgraded from Link to iCue. I followed the process of removing Link, reboot, install iCue.


I am now unable to change the fan speed of the 6 fans connected to my commander pro.


The 3 fans connected to my H150i the software controls fine.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled etc but to no avail. My fans just sit on the lowest speed which is not good. I was asked to update the Commander Pro firmware, which i did. I have also forced it again after reading some stuff here.


Took a little recording of the behaviour showing H150i Pro working fine and the commander pro not.


Any Help appreciated



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See below and there are several other threads as well.




However, you might want to make sure its really stuck first. The default control variable for the C-Pro fan is CPU temp. In a few seconds on the desktop there might not be a change and we don't really know what those curves look like, unlike the cooler's profiles.


Make a custom fan curve and then select one of the three "shape tools" from the upper right hand corner. See if things change. If yes, enter you values in the box on the left. Don't drag the points. This has been hit or miss, but it was permanently successful for me. You may also want something besides CPU temp as the control source. Your coolant was plenty warm. You can use H150i Temp as well.

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