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ML120/140 PRO RGB series fans feedback


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Currently I've found and replicated these bugs on my ML120 Pro RGB and 140 ones:


Static color via iCue doesn't work -> it reverts to rainbow mode after a bit.

This was already known bug apparently but mentioning it anyhow :)


Occasionally, even on otherwise normally working modes fans "flash" quickly and annoyingly in some color before continuing normal operation. I'm not sure if the lights turn off before the flash or if the flashing is just brighter then the leds usually are at their max, haven't stared at the fans directly when it's happened so missed that exact part out.


Corsair Lightning Node pro v.0.05.104

iCue 3.2.87

win10-64 bit professional.



As for suggestions for future: profile for customizable multicolor Rainbow Wave where you could drop out colors you don't want would be great!

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