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Dual LL120s. One LED working on one channel only


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Hello guys, I'm new to the forum now that I'm having this one weird issue. I have two LL120s and 2 LED strips running on a Lighting Node Pro. The LED strips work fine but I'm having issues getting both fans to light up.


I have them both installed as case fans on the side of the case, one above the other.

Currently, the LEDs only work on the bottom fan when it's plugged into channel 1. If I plug the bottom fan into any other channel, the LEDs will not come on at all no matter what I try in Link.

The top fan will not come on at all no matter what channel it's plugged into or what I do in Link.


At this point, I'd like to believe the top fan is faulty but that wouldn't explain why the bottom fan doesn't work on any other channels.


Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you guys.

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