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Problem with CUE and k70 lux rgb

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Im have a K70 LUX RGB keyboard and i had it for a while.

Everytime i start my computer CUE doesnt detect my keyboard. The program starts with windows. I have to close the program manually then start it again for it to detect my keyboard. When i do that it works without any problem but its very annoying to do that every time i start my computer. I have lived with it for almost a year but there have to be a solution for this. The program is up to date as well as the firmwire, i have also tried to force update the firmwire again.

Pleas help me with this, many thanks!

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Hello King-Kong,


This can often be related to USB settings. I've experienced something similar and sometimes just using different USB ports can resolve it. Below are some things to double check.


- set USB to partial initialization (common term for ASUS boards)

- enable legacy USB support

- disable XHCI handoff (if available)

- update motherboard BIOS

- update your USB drivers if available and disable USB selective suspend through the Power Options within the Control Panel.

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Thank you for your reply.

I tried all the things you said but neither of them worked.

I solved it by disable autostart for cue, then created a task scheduler for cue to start and delayed the program for 30 seconds. I suspect i had something to do with UAC because i get like 3 UAC notifications when i start my computer from other programs and somehow it creates a problem for cue to detect the keyboard. But anyhow its working for me now and i hope my solution can be of help to anyone with the same problem.

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