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Bugreport (CUE, Void Pro, ST100 RGB)

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Befor i startet writing this Thread, i checked, if all devices and CUE are on the newest Software/Firmwareversion.


1.) Void Pro: Mic Feedback deactivates itself after mute/unmute (after ~ 3+ min)


2.) ST100 RGB+CUE: Specific Color Orange:The ST100 Orange (255,165,0) doesnt match with the Void Pro Orange (255,165,0). At the preview on the ST100 it shows it Orange, but it looks like Lime-Green in RL.


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Hi Slothy 4k,


1. Known issue. They're working on it as far as I know.

2. So, you're totally right, but it's probably not a bug. The LED is probably orange, but because of the way color spreaders work, it might just give it that awful green color. Try 255,76,0. That's more like what you're looking for.

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