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Ll120 with out colour?


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I can as I have the knowledge and a motherboard with a Digital RGB Header. Though I don't know if I would recommend it to 95% of the people out there. There is a very good chance you could fry your LEDs.


If you don't know the difference between a Digital/Addressable RGB LED and an Analog one, then I can't recommend this route.


I actually ran the 3xHD-120, which use the same RGB Hub as the LL-120 as well as the same connectors off my motherboard. Though I actually opted to buy the Lighting Node Pro, even though I had it working on my motherboard as I think Corsair iCue software is second to none.


The single pack LL-120 (fan only) are really for people who already own the LL-120 3x set that comes with both a RGB hub and a Lighting Node Pro. This gives them the option to add more LED fans, w/o having to bundle in the additional LNP and RGB Hub.

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