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8700K Delid Temps ?

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So silly me I didn't really do many benchmarks to record CPU temps before delidding, So I'd just like other 8700K owners input that have used OCCT please.


I set the clocks to 4.80GHz and left the volts on auto which sees volts jump up to a max of 1.31v when the CPU is under load, I'll do some fine tuning when I'm not bogged down with work, For the moment it's purely for testing purposes.


I let each test run for 30 minutes, Being cooled with a Corsair H150i Pro, Ambient was around 20'c'ish at the time.


OCCT Small Data Set


Average temp of 58'c





OCCT Large Data Set


Average temp of 51'c





OCCT Linpack AVX/64Bit/All Logical Cores


Average temp of 57'c



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