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Pump speed on Corsair H115i


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Hello to all you experts out there!


I have a question that i cant`t seem to understand.

I read alot on this forums and people say that the Corsair h115i have two rpm settings in Corsair link.


Setting 1 is "quiet" - 1900 rpm.

Setting 2 is "preformance" - 2800 rpm.


I can`t get any of theese speeds and i can`t fix it myself either.


As attached in picture my pump is around 2220 rpm in "preformance" mode when running Corsair Link.


If i get it on "quiet" mode the pump still runs at same 2220 rpm.


How you guys manage to get it to run full speed at 2800 rpm?

What rpm is H115i capable to run at full speed?


I have conected the pump cable(1 wire) to AIO plug on Asus Maximus X code motherboard, and the two fans goes to CPU_Header and CPU_Header OPT.


If i put pump cable(1 wire) on CPU_Header and both fans to the cables that are conected to H115i unit i still get the same 2220 rpm speed.


Any idea whats wrong here?


PS! Temprature seems fine tho, im idle on 24-27C on a colder day than today.


Stress test of CPU in 10 minutes gives 63C.


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You have no speed reading for the radiator fans. If they are connected to the pump controller, that is an issue. Are they turning? Try switching the two fan connections and see if it picks up a reading. I see now - cpu & opt.


There is some variability between pumps. When you click the pump and bring up the config box, what does it show?

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See on the picture Attached.


Its says minimum: 2130 rpm.

Maximum: 2250 rpm.


Thats quite odd, becuse other says maximun shall be around 2800 rpm.


It have nothing to say if i put "quite" or preformance" either, nothing changes in rpm.


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Pump speed variability is there for everyone, however the inability to control it is very unusual. Besides making sure you hit apply after changing to Performance, I can't think of a typical reason. Aura and AI Suite are capable of causing Link to lock up and become unresponsive, however that would affect everything and this seems rather specific. How long has this been going on? Is this a new unit?


Contact Corsair tech support through the ticket system at the top of the page. If this is a new unit, it might be faster to exchange it through the vendor if no other solutions are presented.

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Ok, you mentioned that you have connected the pump cable(1 wire) to AIO plug on Asus Maximus X code motherboard. This wire will give you the AIO pump speed readouts to your motherboard. If you run HWMonitor you should be able to see the pump RPM. Note that the pump speed in HWMonitor is shown as half the speed of what it actually is. On mine, HWMonitor shows it as 967 RPM in quiet mode (1950 RPM actual speed) and in performance mode (2820 RPM actual speed) is shown as 1406 RPM.

Can you see these changes in HWMonitor when you switch from Quiet to Performance modes? If not, what does it show you? Does the RPM move slightly up and down by 30-50 RPM? Does Link show any variations in pump RPM speed or is it stuck on 2020 RPM?

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