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Buyer Beware: Mail-In Rebate Denied on CX450


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Hello all. I apologize in advance if this is not the appropriate forum to discuss MIR issues on a Corsair Power Supply, but I wanted to air my grievances and provide a word of caution to other users.


Back in November, I purchased a CX450 PSU for a new build. I've gone with Corsair on many previous builds and they are always reliable. The CX450 I purchased came with a mail-in rebate. "Great, I can get the PSU I want and save an additional $20" I thought to myself. Boy was I wrong!


Anyway, long story short after filling out the online submission and mailing in the proper paperwork for the promotion along with the original PSU, I was given a tracking number that I periodically would check. It was pending for months then finally rejected towards the end of the promotional period. Of course I was extremely frustrated and I quickly reached out to the customer service branch of the Corsair Rebate Center (third party) wanting to know why my rebate was rejected.


As it turns out, the rebate was marked invalid because "the purchase date was not made within the time-frame specified in the promotion". This was of course not true. How would I even have access to the rebate form if I hadn't purchased the CX450 within the promotional period? And get this... my purchase date was 11-16-2017 and I was told by the customer service representative that the valid offer dates were from 11-21-2017 to 11-27-2017. Huh? I mailed the paperwork out on the 18th, so how in the world could the promotion have started after that?!?! The promo code as I filled it out was for CM17-16174. When this rebate company received my rebate form, they gave me a tracking number that was tied to a different promotion code CM17-16177. THEY gave me a tracking number tied to a different promotion, then rejected my rebate form! Mind you, that after it was rejected, I had no recourse because "the period for the promotion is now closed and no update or resubmission can be accepted". I know it's only $20, but it's the principle of sleazy customer service that's making my blood boil. The "mistake" was made on their end, and I'm left with absolutely no recourse. I talked to 4 different representatives and a supervisor and they all gave me the exact same b.s. lines like they were reading from a script. I can't help but feel that this whole rebate offer went exactly how they planned it would.


I have done several mail-in rebates before. They always take an eternity to process but in the end I've always gotten the rebate check or debit card. Anyway, a word of caution for future purchases of Corsair items with MIR offers. Don't count on the rebates to actually be honored. Buyer Beware!

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