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Automatically switch from advanced lighting to non when linked to an application


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Hi, Sorry if this thread has already been made, if this doesn't make much sense or i'm using the wrong terminology. Apologies i''m new here.



I have 2 lighting profile for my K70 Lux RGB keyboard. 1 with advance lighting and 1 without.


I want to use the advanced lighting profile when on my desktop, etc. I want to use the non-advance profile when on an application(CS:GO). I have linked that to the program but when i play CS:GO it shows the advanced lighting profile and i want to see the non-advanced.


In short: I want to use advance lighting normally but non-advanced lighting for a program


Is there a way to automatically switch from advanced lighting to non when the profile is linked to a program? Or do I need to re-create the non-advance 1 in advance lighting?

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