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Refund without paying VAT, Corsair?

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Hello everyone,


3 weeks ago I returned a faulty memory kit.

Now I'm being told they want to refund my purchase excluding VAT, because that's a "Government mandated policy".

How's that right? Haven't I payed VAT when I purchased the RAM kit?

In this case VAT is 24%, they're excluding 10% for each year of use, so I'm left with 46% of the actual cost of the RAM.

Could someone please shed some light on this issue?


Kind regards,


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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Alexp50,


I apologize, but we do not offer a refund on the VAT of the purchase. We cannot refund the taxed value of the purchase.


If the refund value is unsatisfactory, we can see if there's a replacement kit to offer. Can I get your ticket number to take a look?

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