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Punctured Corsair H100i v2


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Hi guys!


So I have a cooling system installed and has been working flawlessly for almost a year. On Saturday I heard my CPU fans roaring and checked my temps in which my CPU was pressing 100C. I shut the computer down and checked inside the case to find a white sticky substance leaking down into my computer.


I immediately noticed one of the fans was caked with this substance. I removed the fan and saw there was a wet spot on the radiator. I processed an RMA and today when I was taking it out to pack it up to send to them, I noticed a MASSIVE puncture mark on the top of the radiator to where the leak was coming from.


My issue is that I have no logical explanation as to how this happened. The top of the radiator where the hole is was facing the top of the case which is protected by metal, and then the plastic on top of the case.


Is there any possibility of something inside the radiator causing this puncture?


My thoughts are that at some point months ago I might have caused it? But i'm not sure why it would take months for it to actually leak.


Photo of setup: https://imgur.com/a/QfczQJE


Photo of puncture: https://imgur.com/a/hpS62ki


I feel like they are going to definitely deny my RMA due to the nature of the damage. It definitely appears I jammed a screwdriver or something into it ( obviously I didn't).



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