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Bad 3200XLPRO module


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I woke up this morning to a Windows XP error message saying something to the effect of "ntsokrnl.exe is missing or corrupted." I tried booting in a number of different ways (safe mode, boot floppies, XP CD Rom, Knoppix, etc) and all failed in different ways. I decided to look into hardware. I disconnected my hard drive, DVD, etc, and continued to get the error message. I have two sticks of Corsair 512MB 3200XLPRO. I removed 1 stick, tried to boot, same failure. I replaced that stick and removed the other and now everything is working fine. I'm pretty sure this is a bad stick of memory. Do you agree? I need this number to request an RMA. Thanks!


- Ben

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Are they a TwinX pack? Have you tried both in the same slot so as to make sure it is a stick problem and not a slot problem?


I'm not sure what TwinX pack means. I did try them both in slot 1 and got the results above.




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