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Do I need Corsair Link running after setting FAN RGB to 000 and change fan rpm?


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I just build a PC since a long time ago, last time is 2008 and I did not care about too much during that time.


So I am excited to build a new PC aging, and I got the Corsair 460x RGB


It is beautiful but one thing annoying me is the LED, sometimes I need it off, I think people already mentioned about this but I hope there will be a on/off button on the controller in the future. Another thing is the SP120 fan does not have PWM so it is running at full speed.


Going back to the question, after doing some research, I know that Corsair Link and CLCP can achieve what I want. However I am not always running Windows, sometimes I worked on other OS which can not run LINK all the time. So I want to confirm some thing.


1. If I set the fan to RGB 000 to close the LED, will it keep off if I close the LINK?

2. Will the fan rpm adjust according to motherboard's temp sensor without running LINK?(I guess not based what I seem on the forum)

3. IF 2 is not possible, with the optional temp sensor come with CLCP, will it work without LINK?


I want to be sure it work before I buy the CLCP


Thanks in advanced!

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IF you are using Link (not iCue):

1) For the SP-RGB fans, yes.

2) NO. The only way this will work is if the fan speed is based on one of the CoPro's temperature sensors

3) Yes.


Thanks! Sorry for not seeing this until now.

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