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I have been a Corsair customer for a number of years and have purchased every thing from cases, memory, and various water cooling solutions. For the first time in many years (if ever) I needed support for a Corsair product. As a direct result of the response I received, simply trying to order a new fan, I doubt I will use Corsair again. The reality is my relatively very small amount of business does not matter at all but if enough complaints are received maybe that will eventually drive change.


I simply need a replacement fan for an H60 water cooler. Although it is under warranty, to my surprise, I was more than willing to simply purchase a replacement as an expedient in keeping things simple.


My main reason for being unsatisfied with Corsair is because I discovered I cannot purchase a replacement part by telephone. It can only be done by establishing a new account with a user name and password. For about a year now I have successfully refused to do business with anyone that requires an user name and password account as I no more have any desire to keep track of the many passwords required for all the different accounts.


In addition, Corsair only has off shore (Asian?) based support and it does not appear possible to talk with someone in North America. Like almost all off shore support, the technicians speak fluent English. Unfortunately, speaking a language fluently is very different from communicating well in that language and usually makes for a very annoying conversation. So there is no misunderstanding, the accent, as long as it is not so strong as to make understand words difficult, is not the problem. If a business has a significant presence in North America, as does Corsair, then they need to have North American support or I do want to use them as a supplier.


So, all I wanted to do is order a new fan and I discovered I cannot do this by telephone. Therefore I do not find Corsair an acceptable vendor.


It is also impossible to email Corsair directly without establishing a User name/password account so this forum is the only method of customer feedback. I would doubt Corsair monitors private user forums, so, other than venting, this probably accomplishes nothing.

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