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RGB PRO LED Strips Not Chaining


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I have this issue where I cannot get any strip past the first one to light up when chaining RGB PRO LED Strips into a Lighting Node PRO or Commander PRO.


According to all the examples here (http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880), I should be able to connect all 3 RGB strips together. I don't use the 4th strip. There is no way to use it at the top of the side panel due to the way the H115i and LL140s are mounted on the case without the strip directly showing.


None work past strip 1 chained together (2 and 3 are dark). It doesn't matter if I use the extension cable before all the LED strips into a NoPro or CoPro or the only 3 LED strips. None light past strip 1. All 4 strips from the PRO expansion pack work individually but not chained together.


I've tried current LINK and iCue beta versions. Only strip 1 of the 3 strip chain lights.


Just wondering if I'm missing something...




Each LL Fan pack includes a NoPro, so this is my current working RGB configuration with iCue beta:


RGB Fan LED Hub connections: LL140 x2 LED, LL120 x1 PWM LED to Hub LED 1-3


Commander PRO connections: LL140 x2 PWM fans & LL120 x1 PWM fan to Fan 1-3. RGB Fan LED Hub to LED 1. H115i PRO RGB to USB 1. AX1200i to USB 2.


Lightning Node PRO 1 connections: LED 1 - Extension cable to LED Strip. LED 2 - Extension cable to LED Strip (Both strips and ext cables from RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit)


Lightning Node PRO 2 connections: LED 1 - Extension to LED Strip (from RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit)


NZXT Internal USB Hub connections: Connected from motherboard USB header. CoPro and both NoPros to the 3 USB headers

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I found the issue. I was quite sure I had 3 LED strips selected in iCue for the Commander Pro LED 2 when I tested everything.


Now if the LL fan flickering would be fixed on iCue launch after restarts and boots, that would be great. Having to manually restart the Corsair Service each time is a bit annoying.

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