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CUE causing stutter, USB disconnect sound, and won't save lighting to memory.

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I just reinstalled Windows 10 Pro x64 after a bad install of the Spring Creators update and since installing CUE, it's had problems working.



1. CUE does not save lighting to memory of my M65 Pro. I hit save, but there is no confirmation of anything happening. The lighting profile turns off if a) CUE is closed, b) the computer is restarted, c) Windows goes into screen saver mode.

Before reinstalling Windows, the lighting profile remained the same as long the PC was on.


2. When the program is started at system startup, there is a USB disconnect sound. If I disable CUE at system startup, the sound does not play.


3. There is considerable stutter in one game (World of Warships) when using this mouse. When I switch to my Logitech M705 the stutter goes away.


What I've tried

1. Complete reinstall, including registry cleanup.


2. Three different versions, 2.24.50, 2.23.40, and 2.16.87.


3. Changing the polling rate. (For game stutter)


4. Creating different CUE profiles.


Of note: These issues were not present before I reinstalled Windows, CUE has worked flawlessly up until now.

Current version I'm using is 2.24.50.


I'm not really sure on what else to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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