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Hello everyone,


After two weeks of frustration with recurring blue screen of death posing various error messages in Windows.


I found out that the problem was not with the software because blue screen of death occur even when a fresh reinstallation of Windows is under way.


Thus, I started my trip to Circuit City to buy all the alternative hardware for my computer (except for the mainboard and cpu).


I switched each component with a guaranteed working one right out of the box that I have just purchased. Each HDD was tested, Video Card was tested. PSU was replaced with a 580W PSU. All fans are checked and are working at normal speed and correct orientation. The troubles do not alleviate.


So, I swapped my Corsair Value Select Dual Channel 2x512MB RAM out for a single 512MB RAM module which I am sure was working.


The problem never appears again. Thus, I came to conclusion that the RAM have some problems.


But since I know that Corsair have very good quality module, I downloaded memtest from memtest.org and ran a test on each module and on the dual channel setup. To my surprise, no error was found. But the mainboard POST always say that "overclocking failed". and I have to restart which make the message disappear. That happen anytime I use the Corsair module(s).


With all of those information, I came to a conclusion that my modules must have had some problems. The BIOS is in default mode and there has not been any problem before with the Corsair modules. These problems just arose recently without any changes in the system.


Here is the specs of my setup


Asus A8V Deluxe + Athlon 64 3400+ OEM

Corsair ValueSelect VS512MB400 (LOT 0451051-0)

PSU 580W

2 160GB IDE HDD.



XFX Nvidia FX 5700LE


Windows XP SP2 (with all the latest updates)


Please anyone, if there can be any suggestion on what I should do to fix this problem, please let me know. :(: Hopefully I would have my system fixed / or my modules exchanged.

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