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Air 540 Case modded to add Illuminated Etched Glass.

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The clear plastic panels scratch so easily and with a case illuminated from the inside the micro scratches become very obvious very quickly. So I had been thinking about adding tempered glass for awhile and when I ran across images of illuminated etched glass I was sold.


I picked Battletech for theme as I have been playing it since 1985. Yes I'm a little old now, or Retro if your prefer.


Modding the side panel was not quite as simple as I thought as not only do you need to cut off the metal tabs that hold the plastic on you also need to remove a metal lip around the inside edge of the panel that helps holds the plastic in place. Then i had to cut the rounded internal corners of the case to accommodate the square corners of the glass. Even after this I couldn't quite place the non corsair LED strips in as I wanted and had to settle for 2 strips instead of 3 and even those two are less then ideally placed. I am thinking of getting the Corsair strips as the actual LED portion itself is shorter.


I am not very good about taking photos as I go so I hope a final product photo will suffice.



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Thanks Mike,


Fortunately the blemishes are small enough that the camera didn't pick them up. I used a Dremel tool to cut the metal. In doing it free hand it let the blade mark up areas I rather it not have.

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