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1t v 2t timing


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I recently purchased an amd 3200+ (939) and a MSI k8n neo2 platinum motherboard. I also purchased a corsair matched pair ddr400 (TWINX1024-3200C2PT) rated at 2-3-3-6 T1 (according to newegg's description)


Adjusting nothing else other than the memory settings (mhz, and either 1t or 2t, everything else at auto), I cant have the ram mhz higher than 100mhz when I set the ram to 1t.


I thought I could run at 200mhz with 1t, but it is only possible with 2t. If I set the mhz to anything higher than 100mhz, the motherboard wont post.


Is this normal behavior? I'm thinking it is since 1/2 of 2t = 1t and 1/2 of 200mhz is 100mhz. Course the numbers could just be lining up for this hypothesis.




edit: figured it out. cant find a delete button :( Late at night, didnt realize i didnt set up the memory in dual channel mode, had both in green instead of green1 and pruple1

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