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Cue question


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Is it possible in the cue software to have the numpad put out numbers when numlock is on, but different remapped functions when the numlock is off?


For example if i want 4 to output 4 with numpad on, but ABC or say a media function with numpad off, is this possible or do i need to turn to autohotkey for this?


Also, is it possible to rebind fn key media functions or are they hardware locked in the board? For example if i want to move volume up to fn+pgup, can i do this?


Would also like to ask if its possible to setup the FN key like a toggle, rather than having to keep it pressed?


thanks if you can help!

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Hi junneh, unfortunately, the keys on the numpad are strictly one set, as toggling numlock off turns them into other use keys, such as home and arrows, which are also predefined on the keyboard.


In regards to FN keys, they're hardware locked for FN function, though you can remap other individual keys to the media keys. The FN key is excluded from the toggle option, too. Sorry, about that.

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