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LL120 not working.


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Each time i have changed the fan controller connection sequence, there is a symptom that the effect functions freely. I am sure it is not a fan issue but a software problem.


and as a result , Sometimes it only works on the 3rd station, sometimes it does not work at all and it is a mess.


is this RS4 Problem or link firmware problem?




and [ame]https://youtu.be/M0GsGZQVpCY[/ame] (In the software, I worked on the fan from 1 to 3, but only on the fan of 3.)


Corsair link v49735 and icue same too.

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First, to be clear ... controlling them as strips won't work. The strips have 10 LEDs each. The LL Fans have 16. Configuring it as 3 strips shouldn't light the 3rd fan at all - it starts at LED 33. So ... first thing is to set it to LL fan and keep it that way.


Next, which version of the firmware do you have? Is it the latest? No updates shown for the device?


Is the fan hub connected to a Lighting Node Pro or a Commander Pro? You haven't specified and the screen shot doesn't clarify that.


Finally, have you rearranged the fans on the hub?

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