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Mic's in the headphone's sides :´D


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I have a weird problem. I just plugged in my Corsair Void Pro(7.1.) and installed the software and driver.


After setting the mic to playback, I tested the mic and nothing happened. But when speaking into the sides of the headphone the mic responds with full capacitiy(on both sides). :laughing:


The mic is obviously inside the sides of the headset.



Before returning the mic I want to make sure I'm not missing anything trivial.




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Hello Dabdab10,


I assume you are running Windows 10. If so, if you've done the recent update. It's possible a settings changed without you know.


Go under Windows Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone -> enable "Allow Applications to Access Microphone"


Oh and also double check that it is fully set as the default device. It's possible it's the default communication device. "Set default" should be greyed out

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