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16V cap burned in 24pin cable


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16V cap burned in 24pin cable attached to my RM750x. I did not overclock my system, so what the case is? Have you ever experienced that staff of problem?

It seems I had luck, the MB socked is not touched. System rebooted twice without any issue. I have checked all caps in MB and GPU card, see nothing.

I experienced smoke and bad smell of course. I will do RMA of my PSU in that case.

Any comment and advice?


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Unfortunately I was too fast with judgment about that all is OK with my system.

Because I like to know, thus investigated the problem, to be sure I purchased HX850 and connected with switch to MULTIPLE for safety. Unfortunately, my 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 4133MHz CL19 did not start any more – really bad. So, I checked each DDR4 in each DIMM, and figure out that only one piece start when plugged to DIMM_A2. Other options give 53, CC, 55 errors at Maximus IX CODE counter.

Looks like memory controller is dead partially and at least 3 DDR4 with it together. However, I can’t recognize any changes in MB and DDR4 like colour or melting etc.

I’ve already initiated RMA for Maximus, hoping that ASUS will replace. The same for DDR4’s and RM750x.

Please, find capacitor picture included.

Any idea how this could happened? I did not notice any overloads in my network or any others like that.



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