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is my H50 older than you?


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i have an ancient original H50. it's been running since early 2010, it's gone through 3 CPU upgrades in that time, the computer is on almost 24 hours a day. the cooler ran in an inferno (back when the Nivida 480s used to create massive amount of heat in the case). Yet, the H50 hasn't died after over 8 years running!


i am considering maybe upgrading to something else that's a bit more 'flashy' for my new tempered glass build.. nothing fancy just mid tower with i7 7xxx with a mild overclock.

how is the reliability of the more modern corsair coolers? will i get 8-10 years? xD


i'm just skeptical now about reliability of them since i think i hear more about leaking/issues than when they were first introduced.

the market seems to now be flooded with them good grief.

want to go with something that is just as reliable..or rock the h50 for another 10 years? ;) will it fit a 1151 motherboard? suggestions?

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What case you going for dude?... if you can get it in and indeed find stock... Corsairs H150i pro would be worth the look...


Obviously reliability is hard to judge on newer units due to time on the market...

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