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AX1500i and Corsair LINK


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Even in past versions Link has never reported the correct power/wattage etc...including other information.


Win10 64bit fresh install with Threadripper/x399 mb


Something I can do on my end to report the correct values?


I had a ax860 series and it reported everything just fine.


Edit: Title, guess I'm dyslexic.


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Well, I just logged in to post the exact same message.


AX1500i powering a Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD7 board with 9 hard drives attached.


The 12 volt is reading: 12.09 with 29 Amps and LINK is calculating 0 watts. It should be something like a little over 350 watts.


Overall input power is showing 64 watts, when it's really about 450 or so, and output is showing 47 watts with 72% efficiency. Running the very latest version of LINK (


Before I file a service ticket, it'd be nice to know if anyone has fixed this problem.


NOTE: I also have another system running an AX860i - same version of LINK ( - and it's reporting normally.

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