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Can HD120 and SP120 be connected to the same fan hub and controlled


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I have 3 SP120 fans and 3 HD120 Fans in my case all connected to one hub. I cuurently have no power to socket 6 for some reason but that is a seperate issue.


My problem is the 3 SP120 that were originally fitted when the case was bought work fine and can be adjusted as needed. The 2 HD120 that are currentky connected will only illuminate solid white light and nothing else.


Do I need to have a seperate fan hub and controller for these?

If not what is the problem, is it something to do with socket 6 not working?


The 3 sp120 are connected to sockets 1-3

The 3 HD120 are connected to sockets 3-6 but 6 has no illumination.


I have tried swapping 2 of the hd120s over and the fans are fine.


Any advice/help gratefully received





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