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CUE Not Detecting Corsair RGB Ram


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Hello my Corsair CUE friends!


I have tried to no avail to link my corsair rgb ram to CUE to share it's wonderful lighting effects.


I've tested the ram with AURA (asus strix x470 mobo) and the lighting works perfectly, however I am unable to do the same with CUE.


I'm in I.T So not a complete novice, I started from a fresh format and installation of windows this morning with all latest updates and drivers installed. No other lighting programs installed either in case of any conflicts, turned aura off in the bios. I had a look for the spd wrt setting I've read about but could not find it (could anyone point me in the direction).


Any help is greatly appreciated, if I can get the ram to work I'll buy the corsair rgb closed loop cpu cooler and be all set.


Thanks guys, my exact system specs are filled in on my account, for quick reference the ram is: 16gb (2x8) Corsair CMRGX4M2D3200C16.

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Hi JustSaying,


SPD Write should be in whatever Asus is calling the RAM overclocking section these days, waaaaay at the bottom of the list. I can't be 100% certain that it will be there on this board, but it should.


I'd also try using only a single stick in multiple slots of the board for testing purposes. That being said, Aura can conflict with CUE/CLINK's reading of the RAM. Make sure that you restart iCUE after turning AURA off to see if it actually appears.

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