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h100i leaked


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Got a small issue here.

First pump died (managed to boot into bio and hw monitor showed 104 degrees temp CPU).

It's 4-5 years old kit so ordered new one h115i pro and waited for it.

Today it arrived I went to install but while removing old one I've noticed grease and then more of it on mother board,a bit on CPU and later on found a lot more on 1st Titan X GPU, 3 more are below luckily didn't reached them..

Found more of that leaky greasy stuff in first PCI slot as well.




I cleaned up mother board as much as I could with alcohol 99% one or similar but first time missed those in PCI slot.

Right now seems that MBO CPU and RAM all works fine, and 3 GPUs so far.

But PCI slot is full of that gresy leak stuf.

Any tips of removing all that completly?


I was thinking of putting a bit of that alcohol inside that PCI slot and then leaving all mbo to dry up really good but wil that remove all that grese as well?


As for dead GPU well seems like it got bunch of that stuff inside of it as well so planing to just atek it apart and try to clean all rub everything as well and see what happens maybe it is still alive.


Right now if I plug that GPU and try to turn on PC it just blinks all once light up and shuts down.


Hopefully it is possible to clean that all up and maybe even GPU will come alive as well...


Ideas? Tips and tricks?

Thank you


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