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Crucial Ballistix DDR512 PC3200


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I have a pair of these memory sticks purchased 9/30/04. They have been functioning well until about a month ago. At that time, I had several Window's 'blue screens', followed shortly thereafter (a couple of days) by an inability to get past the NVRAM test in POST. After removing one stick (leaving one in the primary DIMM slot for single channel operation), I still had the problem. After swapping sticks in this same primary slot, it has functioned since. For further verification of the problem, I have inserted a friend's stick in the second slot so I was then back in dual channel mode. Still functioned OK. Replacing either of these with the suspect stick again resulted in failure. Since it will not completely perform POST, I can not run memtest86.


1. P4P800E-Deluxe with latest BIOS update

2. DRAM timings 2-2-2-8-8 and other DRAM settings on AUTO

3. DDR volts--2.55

4. DRAM frequency: 400 when in Dual Channel and AUTO in Single Channel mode

5. Bus 800MHz (have also run at 7% OC)

6. CPU is a P4-3.2E

7. 'Performance mode' in BIOS is set at Standard


The only numbers on the stick itself are 'Batch=CL11145.8X' and 'PN=47072'


Thank you for your help--

I will await your response.....

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