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Corsair CUE Lighting Effect Stops after 1-2 minutes

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Hey guys,



Until today I've used Corsair link to successfully control all my gear (6 LL fans & H115i AIO) and fan lighting in specific.


Today I purchased ST100 headphone stand with RGB lighting, and I had to install Cue as it only supports iCue. I wasn't able to get it working with Link. (does not recognize it in the Devices menu).


The problem is - I set up a lighting profile for the LL fans, everything works great, but as soon as I minimize the iCue window, after 1-2 minutes the fans lighting go back to the default rainbow wave effect. (as if the Lighting node pro is disconnected).


How can I stop this from happening?

Or the alternative, how can I keep controlling the ST100 from iCue but go back to control the LL fans from Link? (currently it says "this device is being controlled by iCue").


Thanks in advance :)



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With the NoPro, if you set a static lighting mode, it'll do that. It's a known bug. To work around that with iCue, set a profile that has an effect that changes - even if it isn't much. For example, setting Color Shift to shift between 255,0,0 and 254,0,0 will work just fine. And you won't notice the difference.
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