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Computer powering off after cooler install


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I replaced the AMD Wraith cooler that came with my FX-8370 with a Corsair H60 (original) due to my CPU hitting T-Junction sometime into running games or heating up my already warm room.


After installing the H60, I now have the problem of my PC powering off (no shutdown) for undetermined reasons. CPU temp can be @40 degrees Celsius in Windows and it will just power off and reboot.


And in Debian (Jessie) the behavior gets worse: the PC will power off and reset at a random time within the first 10 minutes of powering on, and the issue happens when attempting a shutdown: at the last phase of the shutdown the PC will instead reset.


I've gone into the BIOS and overrode the automatic fan settings so that both the pump (on CPU_FAN) and its fan (on CPU_OPT) should be always running at 100%.

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