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Serious n00b question about making my space bar auto fire.


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I just purchased the K95 RGB and it will be here soon so I decided to get ahead of it.


I would like to push the space bar and make it an auto fire / rapid fire situation.

eg, it emulates pushing the left mouse button rapidly and continuously about 10 times.


Is this possible and would anyone be kind enough to point me to a tutorial please?


Secondly, can this be stored onto the keyboard itself so if I unplug the keyboard and take it elsewhere I do not need to "reload" it back on to the keyboard through software?


Thank you very much for any help.

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  • Corsair Employees

Best way to do this probably would be to:


- Open up CUE.

- Go to Actions

- Click + to create a new Action.

- Set it to Macro

- Make sure Mouse Clicks is bubbled in otherwise it won't record mouse clicks.

- Click the red dot to start recording.

- Click about 10 times rapidly.

- Click the red dot to stop recording.

- Assign the action to your Spacebar by click on the K95 RGB spacebar on screen.


After that it should work. Whenever you press spacebar now it'll register 10 mouse clicks as you inputted. You can change the delays as you see fit as well.


In order to save this macro to your keyboard so that you can use it on another computer you'll first need to make sure you're using a K95 RGB Platinum. Afterwards, simply repeat the above steps but make sure you're doing it on the keyboard's Hardware Profile. After you've assigned the macro to the spacebar then make sure to Save the Profile to your Device. It can save up to 3 profiles.


Hope this helps.

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