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H115i Fan speed


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Hi , So...

My friend switched the factory fans to something that reaches 3200 RPM.

When i first booted the PC and used the PC for a month or so the cooling was perfect , Not even hitting 60 degrees .

now, after some time of PC usage ,and no software update , the fans dropped to max 2160.


Ofc that corsair will remove any will to help . cuz its not their fans .


So i'm coming here , someone knows how to bypass the limit of max fan speed?

or how to altar it in the system or system data?


Thank you for your help :)


Running i5 8600K

MSI Z370 a - pro

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Are you having cooling problems? Or just fan control issues? There is no reason to be running your fans above 2000 rpm. It isn't going to make any difference at all on a 8600K or any other CPU.


If you want to analyze your cooling performance, you need to look at the H115i Temp (coolant temp) in Link. This is the best indicator if things are working well. Most people have a coolant temperature around 4-7C above their room temp. On a 8600 with a good overclock, you should still only see +6-8C rise in load temperature. Of course, as the weather warms, so does everything else, including your coolant and CPU temps. Nothing you can do about that, except blast the air conditioning.

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Hi c-attack.

I have some minor weird stuff , Like as i go to PUBG Ill have normal temp on core. not something that i have never seen before , around 60~65 C.

the processor on default (by the software itself) is 39~41 on idle mode.

There are times tho when pubg makes my processor real high around 80~85C .

it did not happend when the fans were working full throttle .

So is there a way to bypass limit?

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Assuming you connected them to the pump? What type of control curve did you make in Link? The default control is coolant temperature (H115i Temp). Why do you think they should be running faster? If the fans are connected to the motherboard, then this is a BIOS setting issue.


What fans are you using? There are only so many 3000 rpm fans.


CPU bottlenecked games may show a wide range of core temperature, particularly on recent CPUs. Usually this can be tamed in the BIOS, but if you are seeing large increases in temperature, it is from something else. The fans do not have that much influence over the end temperature. Try to look at the “H115i Temp” in Link. It will be a better indication of fan effectiveness. Too many other things affect cpu temp.

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