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LL120 to LED Strip to Lighting Node Pro?


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I have 3 LL120, 3 SP120, and 4 LED strips.

I know I can't connect different fans in the same hub, so I do have two hubs, but I only have 1 Lighting Node Pro.

I would need 3 channels to connect my LED Strips, and my 2 Hubs, but LNP only has 2 channels.


Thing is... iCue recognizes the LED strips as LL120 fans, so I'd like to know if my configuration, shown in the diagram I below, would work.

I know it would theoretically because the connections match and the software would recognized the LEDs as the Fan's LEDs,

but my question is if there's any electrical problem with my idea that prevents this.



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Copying my answer from Reddit for this audience as well:

So ... the HD, ML and LL Fans and the strips all follow the same protocol so this could possibly work. Based on LED count, you'd have 40 LEDs for the strips and 48 LEDs for the fans. You'd have to configure the channel as 6 LL Fans (total of 96 LEDs). You'd also need to make sure that you use the Fan Hub/NoPro connector between the last strip in the line and the Fan Hub. This is missing a wire for Pin 1, which is +5V power on both devices.


With that said, your configuration for these would be challenging. Effects may not play exactly the way that you want them to. Furthermore, if something goes wrong, you'd be on your own; this configuration isn't going to be supported, at all.


And one thing that I noticed ... your SP fans would need to be on ports 1-2-3. Not 4-5-6.

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