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Possible bad RMAed module


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Hello, I posted about two weeks ago requesting an RMA, and recieved them yesterday. (http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=169866#post169866)


Unfortunately I am still recieving errors, so I went about testing the modules again with memtest86+. At first I thought my motherboard might be defective, causing the modules to go bad, maybe? The two modules right now are 0xxxxx-4 and 0xxxxx-3, CMX512-3200C2PT, v1.1.


I have an MSI 865PE Neo2 with a P4 2.4 /w HT running at 800fsb. I've never really messed with timing or performance settings. The memory is currently set to configure by SPD, DRAM frequency is set to auto, DDR clock is at 400mhz, and DDR power voltage is at 2.50V. CPU bus clock is set at 200mhz and dynamic overclocking is disabled.


Origionally, I had 0xxxxx-3 in DIMM1, and 0xxxxx-4 in DIMM3, as my mobo suggested for dualddr. DIMM1/2 on chanA and DIMM3/4 on chanB. I started recieving crashes in WindowsXP after awhile, so I ran memtest86+..

I consistantly recieved errors towards the end of test#3, but the memory addresses weren't the same. (I'm not sure how RAM actually works so I'm assuming this doesn't mean much)

So I took out 0xxxxx-4(the one in DIMM3) and ran the test again, recieved no errors during the memtest86+, windows ran fine, no crashes.

Then I replaced 0xxxxx-3 with 0xxxxx-4; so now 0xxxxx-4 is in DIMM1, with no other modules in any other slot. I ran memtest86+, and recieved numerous errors throughout all the tests.


I also flashed my bios with the latest version last night, but it didn't make a difference.


It seems like I recieved a bad module, but I've never recieved a bad part after I've RMAed something, so I'm still skeptic.. Any help would be appreciated.




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Mike please try setting the Dim Voltage to 2.7 Volts and then test the suspect module again. If you do still get errors with that module please reply to the email you got from our RMA department and let them know you are still having problems and we will take care of the shipping both ways as long as you got the RMA from us the last time.
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