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Backwards microphone lighting


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The first Corsair product I ever bought was the Vengeance 1500 v1 and thought it was great. After a few months, however, a firmware update was pushed that changed how the lighting acted. Prior, the volume dongle would signal blue for live and red for mute (or vice versa, I don't remember) but after the update the light would stay blue for live but cycle between blue and red when the mic was muted and I remember plenty of people hated this but nothing was done to fix this odd decision.


Now with the Void headsets I see a similar thing happening, a red light for muted and no light for live. This is entirely counter-intuitive, if you go into a recording or photography studio you'll notice the opposite, red light for when something is going on and no light when it's safe to enter. Why hasn't Corsair followed this standard? With the Void Pro your mic is muted when you fold the arm up, so there's no point for there to even be a light as you'll never see it.


Please give us the option to reverse how mute/live mic lighting operates.

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