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Memtest 86+ indicates TWO bad modules


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Recently, I've been getting some random errors all over the place, in just about every single program I can run, so I re-installed everything in case it was a data error, but it kept on happening. I've check the HDs through and through thinking it was a RAID error, since that is somewhat prone to fault, but still, nothing. Then I picked up Memtest 86+ and ran it through. There were over ten thousand errors, and all I have in there is Corsair XMS2 memory, two 512mb sticks, dual channel, on an Asus P5AD2 Premium motherboard. I purchased both parts from Newegg.com about three or four months ago, and up untill now, I haven't had any problems with either. On top of all that, I had everything set to automatic, so I checked out the specs of the memory and set it manually, then ran it through again, with no change. Help?
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