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connecting Fan power to PSU needs to destroy the Fan connect.


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hi, I am facing two issues:

first Issue regarding Fans PWM:

I have the Corsair crystal 570X that comes with 3 built-in fans. i connected them to the motherboard.

and recently i bought an extra 1*LL120 and 2*LL140 fans and i connected them to the top and back, but i can't connect them to the motherboard(no more slots).

so I connected the new fans to the motherboard and broke the original 3*SP120 Fans head and connected them to the PSU, and them all the fans start working. but the front 3*SP120 fans went crazy and too noisy.

so how can i fix this issue?

- where can i buy a Fan cable head?

- how can i connect all those fans to the motherboard to control their speed? without using CoPro.

- does this splitter works to control all Fans speed connected to? or they all got the same speed?



second Issue regarding Fans RGB:

at the same configuration as the first issue.

the three LL fans are connected to a Hub to the first channel in the lighting Node Pro.

the three orginal SP fans are also connected to a hub that connected to the Button Controllers came with the case itself. but the connector from the hub to the button controller does not fit to connect the hub to the second channel in the lighting NodePro.

where can i find such a single connector cable?

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On your first issue:

The fans are at full speed because they are getting the full 12V of power. The splitter that you linked to should work. It will report the speed of a single fan and yes, all fans will have the same speed. You won't want to mix fans on that splitter. You also have the possibility of going over the 1.0A current limit if you aren't careful so keep the current ratings (in the sticker) in mind.

On your second issue:

You can make the cables. Unfortunately, I've not seen them available for sale anywhere. See the post linked in my signature for details. I'd offer to make some for you but, unless you are in the US (and from the timestamp it doesn't appear that you are), the shipping is outrageous.

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You can also get a Commander PRO so you can have both SP fan hub and LL fan hub connected to the channel slots on the Commander PRO, that way you by pass the case controller and have everything run by iCUE
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I have read your post about how to fix the RGB cables, but unfortunately the Part Number for the 3 pin female head needed(Molex 50-57-9403) is not the right PN.

it leads me to 6pin female head: https://www.molex.com/molex/products/datasheet.jsp?part=active/0050579403_CRIMP_HOUSINGS.xml&channel=Products

if you can find me the suitable head needed for the RGB cables i will be much thankful.


Thanks for your offer, I am from Israel :D.

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