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Question about the LL fan behavior without the node


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Hi, my new LL140/nodePro pack dont work.

The fan are partially lit up, and they dont care about the node pro being plugged or not, in a sens that CUE see the node but nothing I do with it work.

So I wonder, what is the "default behavior" of the LL fan ?

With a functioning Led hub, and without the node, how many LED are lit ?


Because my fans look like this whether or not the node pro is plugged








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Yes I have tried swapping the fan.

In fact I have 2 node pro, 2 led hub and 4*140 mm LL, but one node pro is not even recognize.

I have tried to swapping the led hub with the second one, or connect all the fan on the hub in any order, to change the usb cable, change usb port...

Once, during one attempt a led was flickering, I dont know why but it was the only time I observe a different led behavior.

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