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k70 rapidfire rgb - after spilled water 8 led always on


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unfortunately I spilled some water over my k70 rapidfire rgb. I immediately disconnected it, turned it around, wiped the top dry and left it to dry.


After everything seemed dry I plugged it back in only to notice that first 15 LEDs, 8 red and 7 green, were glowing as if I had it on the lowest brightness setting, even though my profile wasn't loaded yet.

for some time the brightness button and the volume wheel weren't working either but they're back to working perfectly fine.


After playing some games that evening the 7 green glowing LEDs (brightness, windows lock, mute button, 4 multimedia buttons) dimmed down more and more. now they turn off when I turn the LEDs off just like they should.

the other 8 LEDs still keep on glowing when I turn off all the other LEDs or shut down my PC.


when I load my profile and they should turn blue the red mixes with that and I have slightly purple LEDs.

Here's a picture of the red glowing LEDs (don't get confused, it's the german layout):




Is this fixable or did the water damage these 8 LEDs?

Can I try to dry it with a hairdryer from the back?

I really don't want to open it.

What else could be the cause of this problem?


Thanks already for your help!

Greetings from Germany!

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Sorry, Propagandhi, if water has gotten in, it could have damaged the LEDs. Usually, you want to unplug it and let it dry for a few days to really make sure. You can also use isopropyl alcohol to clean the keyboard (you can remove the keycaps safely), it evaporates fast and can help with the moisture.
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