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vs 3200 2x512 + neo2 plat problem!!


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amd64 3000+ 939 90nm retail hsf

k8n neo2 platinum bios 1.4

2x512 corsair value select

default voltages and multipliers


the first time i ran memtest86+ v1.50 there were a bunch of errors(sorry i dont remember) and it locked up the program somewhere after 70%. i just ran it again and it locked up at 78% but not showing any errors.


the reason i ran memtest in the first place is because i cant boot into windows when i lower the memory multipliers. im having almost the exact same problem as the guy in this thread:




i read what ramguy said about it not being the memory but a bios problem? are there any possible fixes?


im thinking this is a possible bad board, or something besides mem. because im having the same problem wiht some mushkin 2x512 3200 i just bought, and it didnt pass memtest either! memtest totally went crazy actually, weird colors and symbols after like 80%.


anyways im having a heck of a time wiht this problem. im goign to run memtest again tonight and then each stick individually tomorrow.

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