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iCUE 3.2.87 & Link - automatic parallel operation


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After uninstalling Link 4.7 and CUE 2.24.50 prior to loading this version of iCUE, I was surprised to see Link running in the task bar. I thought it was a glitch and quit it. I am giving 3.2.87 another go this morning and after repeating the same process and reboot, it is there again.


Is it necessary for me to continue to run Link with this version of iCUE? All of my current Link and CUE devices are supported. All I get in Link is the same base board, CPU, RAM info I already get in iCUE. I can see this as a work-around for people with devices not yet supported in iCUE but, can I disable start-up for Link in the task manager without compromising iCUE's functions?

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