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Issue with Corsair RGB Hub


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I bought a Corsair H115i PRO RGB.

I replaced the Fans by ML 140 RGB fans.

Both fans are coming from a dual Pack mit Lighting Node & Hub


RGB Hub connected to one of the 2 available port of the Lighting node

Fans connected to 1 and 2


-> everything is working fine


Yesterday, I added 2 ML 140 RGB and connect both on the Hub using port 3 and 4.

Port 3 is working.

Port 4 not.


Only 3 fans are lightning.


I swapped the fans to be sure it's not a problem with the fan itself but no : fans are both working.

I even change one of the ML140 and it stopped working as soon as I put it on port 4.

Seems ports 4-5-6 are not powering fans when connected.


I also try to change the Node port : same result.


I try to play with the Corsair software but did not find any option to configure the Hub, only the Lightning pro


Any idea ?

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RGB Hub doesn't have directly configuration. You configure it by setting channel in Lighting Node PRO

You should set:

  • Device type in channel selection
  • Your amount of LL fans using [+] buttons

Remember that LL fans must be connected continuously, without gap between connectors,

Screen for example with proper configuration of 5 LL fans and 4 RGB strips.



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Thanks a lot.

I was using iCue and did not find the option.

With Link it's much better.



Do you know if I can add Led Strips on the same Hub ? (on port 5 & 6)

Or I can use the 2nd Lightning Node channel ?

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