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Unable to set a default profile for my LL120 fans


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Hi all, the new iCUE software is amazing! I have the LL120 3-pack built on my system and I just bought the RGB strips (the pro expansion kit) which will be delivered next week.


However I have an issue which is driving me crazy. I use to lock the screen when I'm away (win+L shortcut), but when I do the three LL120 fans clear the current lighting profile and they set to a rainbow effect. This is annoying to me because I want to set a discrete default profile which does not light up my room (I usually lock the screen when I go to sleep in the same room, so I'd prefer to set a dark profile)


Something is telling me this will get worse when I'll receive the RGB strips, like they will also lighten my room up with a rainbow effect.


Please tell me there's something I can do about that. I don't want to leave my PC unlocked because of that

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Idealistically, we should be able to set default profiles even when the screen is locked. This way you could set an alternate profile during non-usage under lock, such as a slow breathing effect or something.


Yes, I would love to have this possibility to have a discrete and low profile for the lock status.

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