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[commander pro] IS THIS DIAGRAM CORRECT?


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hi could someone tell me if this diagram is correct? im getting ready to do this for the first time and i dont want to mess it up so i made this diagram as a kind of install simulator.


im also a bit fuzzy on where exactly the usb from the motherboard (for the RAM) is coming from ; bonus points if someone marks up an image of the ASROCK Z370M PRO 4 and circles the spot.


any comments tips or corrections would be most appreciated,




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RGB RAM is typically handled via SPD, not USB. So there aren't any separate connections. That said, I cannot guarantee that TridentZ is the same ... it's best to ask them, if you can.


And I think that's an image of an H60 ... or maybe an H80i ... it's not an H80i V2. But that's just me being persnickety; no need to update. ;) You will want to plug that cooler into the CPU_FAN header and set the header to 100% (See the cooler FAQ).


Otherwise, the diagram looks good!

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thanks for the reply!


ya the part i spec'd is a H80i V2, just pulled the wrong image i guess.


re: plugging the cpu_fan header in, i found a [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wruCEYfCFno]youtube[/ame] -- not sure if its my actual motherboard but essentially:




do i need to connect this mini usb:




& then i connect it here? usb1112 ?:


as opposed to the usb-in on commander pro?


sounds like i dont need to plug anything into the usb on the commander pro for my specific setup...?


maybe i will just let the tridentZ rgb ram do its thing and not try to Link it to the corsair software.. heard mixed results.


thanks again!

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Well, that's the setup if you don't have the Commander Pro. With the CoPro, you can use the CoPro's USB to free up a motherboard header (assuming that you have more than one). It's totally up to you.


And yes, as I understand, the H80iGT is essentially the same cooler as the H80i V2. The only thing that I think is missing from that video (and the directions) is to set that header ti 100%/full speed. That's super-important.

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