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H115i PRO RGB Stand Offs too long??


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I'm a new user, and have recently finished putting together my first ever PC, for gaming.


Specs are :


i5 8600K

MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon

32gb Trident Z RGB RAM 2400mhz

EVGA 1080ti FTW 3

Samsung 250gb NVME SSD (OS/Boot Drive)

Barracuda 2tb 7200 spinning drive (Mass storage)

Corsair RM750i

Corsair H115i Pro RGB

5x Corsair LL140 fans _ with Commander Pro

Cablemod PSU cables

Fractal Define R6


I've really enjoyed the process of picking parts and finally putting them together, completely learned from YouTube.


However, I've ran into a problem....


No matter how I fit it, I cannot get the pump head from the H115i to make contact with the CPU and temps quickly rise to 100 degrees whilst the MHZ drop from 3600 down as far as 1750.


The backplate is very loose without the use of washers, even with the pump installed and tightened as much as I dare, the thermal compound does not even smugde and the pump head is still loose enough to twist and remove as if swapping for the AMD bracket.


The pump runs fine, and through a process of trouble shooting I physically held the pump against the CPU the confirm contact and the temps at idle showed at 30-33 degrees, and upon removal the thermal compound had spread evenly accross the CPU heat spreader.


I've looked through threads, tried rubber washers on the backplate which will remove any play in that, but again with the pump installed that is still loose.


I've come to the conclusion the stand offs are too long.


I'm using the ones that the instructions say are for 115X (I believe my mobo has an 1151 socket) which have the equal length screw sections either end.


I can't, for the life of me come up with any other conclusion than the problem being with the stand offs.



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  • Corsair Employees

The backplate always has play before the cooler is attached. Make sure you're putting them BEHIND the motherboard, or you'll just be making your problem worse.


Can you upload some pictures of the mounting kit you're using? Let's see a picture of them to make sure you're using the correct part. Worse comes to worst, our Support Team can send out a replacement.

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  • Corsair Employees
The backplate always has play before the cooler is attached.


This is correct, that is perfectly normal. The 4 thumbscrews that holds your bracket in place will pull the backplate against the back of your MB securing the pump and at that point, there shouldn't be any movement at all.


Double check the backplate as well behind the CPU socket, make sure all 4 adjustable standoff inserts are fully inserted into the MB socket holes.


And that was a good suggestion from Calico Jack, photos would really help to identify the issue if there is one.

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